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Central Pennsylvania Family Law Blog

Jessica Smith Chosen Super Lawyer in 2019

Jessica Smith – Super Lawyer Rising Start in 2019 We are pleased to announce that attorney Jessica Smith was chosen a Super Lawyer Rising Star for 2019. Super Lawyer follows a rigorous process in order to choose its honorees. The process includes both peer reviews...

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Protecting Your Business During Divorce

How Does a Divorce Impact Your Business? If you own a business or have partial ownership of a business, you might be wondering what will happen to that business if you should divorce. The answer depends on numerous factors, beginning with whether your business can be...

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Pennsylvania Surrogacy Laws

What You Need to Know about Surrogacy in Pennsylvania If you are planning to use surrogacy to bring a child into your family, it is crucial that you be sure to understand the laws. For families who are unable to have children without assistance, surrogacy is a...

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Who Can Adopt in Pennsylvania

Ready to Expand Your Family Through Adoption? The various types of adoptions include third-party, step-parent, second-parent, and grandparent. Adopting a child is an extraordinary experience. When most people think of adoption, they normally think about a married...

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