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Child Support Lawyers

Child support is often a difficult and emotional issue. This is why it is crucial that you have understanding yet strong attorneys standing by your side. Regardless of whether you are the parent paying or receiving, at JSDC Law Offices our attorneys have the experience necessary to guide you through both the support  process.

How Much Child Support Will I Receive Or Pay?

In Pennsylvania, the amount of child support that is paid is income-driven and based upon the support guidelines published by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. However, the amount is not simply the result of a cut-and-dry equation. This is where a Hershey child support attorney can help you potentially increase or decrease the amount of support paid. It is important to analyze the various factors that will impact how much support is required.

For instance, day care expenses, health insurance costs, medical expenses, and mortgage payments can be factored into the support calculations, depending upon the circumstances. In addition, the financial status of both the parent paying support (known as the obligor) and the parent receiving support (known as the obligee) impacts the amount paid. For example, bonuses, retirement income, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, retained earnings and under-the-table income can have a large impact on the support calculation.

In addition, how much time each parent spends with his or her children can have a great impact on the amount. This means that it is important to work with your attorney to consider your custody arrangement in addition to the straightforward dollars and cents.

Child Support Can Change

Both child custody and child support are subject to modification. If your financial situation changes, it is very important that you speak with an attorney to determine if the amount is still appropriate. Changes in jobs, income, amount of time spent with the children, the children’s financial needs, all of these can cause the payment to increase or decrease, depending on the circumstances. We can explain how this process works and help you obtain the modification that you need.

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Child support can be a complicated and contentious issue. Our attorneys, Alexis Miloszewski and Jessica Smith, can help you determine if you are paying or receiving the right amount, and also, help you to seek adjustments when appropriate. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 717-409-6670.

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