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Experienced Legal Help For Family Law

Few areas of law are more complex than family law. Many issues involved with the ending of a marriage and allocation of child custody, support, property division, are emotionally charged. The laws in Pennsylvania that govern these matters are also complex.

Additionally, there are many other family law issues, like grandparent rights, relocation or adoption, that have you may encounter. Our attorneys at JSDC Law Offices can help you navigate away through all these challenges.

Dealing With Emotions And Technical Details

For many family law issues, there are two elements that you must deal with: the law and your emotions. A contentious child custody dispute or a battle over property can be emotional and leave you stressed and overwhelmed.

But the court is not interested in your emotional state. You may need to decide an issue by a specific deadline. Questions like how much time will you have with your kids, where you will live and whether you will have the resources you need after your divorce can all feel too much.

Our Attorneys Can Help

We can help. We understand Pennsylvania family law and can explain it to you so you can make the important decisions that are necessary. We are compassionate and can help reduce your stress with these issues by handling the complex legal aspects of your matter, allowing you the time you need to process your situation and move forward to a better future.

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Our lawyers have worked with many clients on issues like the ones you face. We are understanding and compassionate, working to reduce the tension that accompanies many of these matters. Call our Hershey office at 717-409-6670 or use our online form to make an appointment.

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