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Gray divorce: a new chance at life?

In earlier generations, divorce had a heavy negative stigma. Today’s generation, however, has a very different perspective. Over the course of several decades, most people have come to understand that some marriages simply cannot last. As a result, more spouses are...

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Breaking away from an unhealthy marriage

Even the healthiest marriages experience ups and downs. Disagreements and arguments between spouses don’t necessarily mean that a relationship is doomed to fail. However, when the actions of a hostile or uncooperative spouse begin to take a toll on your mental or...

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How is child support calculated?

We understand that separated or divorcing parents may have concerns about child support. As a general rule, it costs more to maintain two houses than to maintain one home. This can seem particularly daunting for parents who stay home with their children and for...

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How Do Later-Life Divorces Differ?

After years of marriage, a divorce can present a drastic pivot in a person’s life direction. Spouses who may be older, having spent a significant amount of time together, means that adjustment after the separation and divorce could be emotionally grueling. You’ve...

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4 safeguards to achieve a peaceful divorce

Ending a marriage is one of the most devastating and stressful events that a person can go through. Those intense feelings can be heightened when the custody of children is at stake, along with the financial side of divorce. Going through this process is only more...

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Divorcing in the Midst of a Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices have forced couples to spend more time than ever together. Close quarters can test even the strongest of relationships. Maybe you were considering filing for divorce before the pandemic hit. Perhaps the past few...

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