Mixing Business with… Divorce?

Business and Divorce

What Happens when a Married Couple Owns a Business Together and Divorces?

When a married couple owns a business together and divorces, serious issues can arise.

When a married couple owns a business together, what happens to the business if the couple divorces?  Often, the business will need to be sold or one spouse will buy out the other’s share.  However, there are instances where a couple continues to make their business relationship work–even after the marriage has ended.  On Morning Edition today, NPR examines the situation in their story, “When Divorce Leads To A Happily Ever After For A Small Business.”

If you are in business with your spouse but are contemplating divorce, call us to discuss your options. Family Law attorneys Jessica Smith and Alexis Miloszewski  can be reached at (717) 883-5671 or at FamilyLaw@jsdc.com.

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